In-context, he's sadly right, and it's something he's aware of— because let's be honest, how many hit films in the U.S. star a person of color who isn't black? Can you name a single actor of Indian descent that's headlined a major movie without being Ben Kingsley? Or a comedian, for that matter? » 11/27/14 5:10am Yesterday 5:10am

I go to war when it comes to sinus problems. Neti pot to help clear stuff out, Mucinex to stab everything the Neti pot can't reach, and those Vicks inhalers you plug up your nose to both clear them up and get a mild boost of energy(quite literally, it's a relative of meth that doesn't sit around in your body or make… » 11/20/14 10:01pm 11/20/14 10:01pm